Welcome to Sanskar Public School

Man by Birth is not a man, the society and surroundings make man. The school is the developer of intellectual.

Educational Institute is not merely a building but an environment. The environment to get formal education and to learn basics of our surroundings. It also helps the child to attain the required qualities to become a responsible citizen. The environment in which we have grown up, is reflected in every sphere of our life. It is none but the environment that helps in refining the inherent capabilities of a child.

SANSKAR PUBLIC SCHOOL (SPS) is committed to provide an excellent environment to prepare our next generation for facing the challenges of life gallantly. The School is first of its kind in Parbatsar, it hopes to meet the aspiration of the people of this area. The basic purpose of our institute is to make children civilized and respectful citizens. Also we here to develop human resources having par excellence in every walk of life.

SPS is the first land mark of "SEWA BHAVI SHIKSHAN SANSTHAN" an Educational Centre, Unique and irreplaceable, defined by its core values, to provide comprehensive education.

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Never leave on tomorrow, which u can do today.